Day 45


Lately we’ve been working on things like smelling, listening (to birds or for a car, etc.), blowing (on food), etc. with Lya.  She has been catching on and today I caught her smelling flowers on her own. I was so so so excited!

Lya has also been saying a million new words. I don’t even know what she can or can’t say anymore. She seems to be really listening and trying to mimic us more now. Today she really concentrated on saying “Oliver”–the name of my parents’ dog. He is staying with us this week and so it has been a progression. It started with her yelling “Hey!” when we were outside and trying to get him to come. The last two days it has been “Ol!” (which really sounded more like “ah”). Today she really worked to add in another syllable. It sounds something more like “Olver” or “Ah-wr”. Too cute and quite funny how she’s picked up on the stern voice we use to call for him. She has now started to call for Nick when he is outside with the same volume and intensity. “Da!”. Makes me laugh every single time.

She also discovered sticks today. And the joy of spinning in circles. We both are just in awe of our little bean. Its so fun to see what she learns each day.


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