Day 47

We spent yesterday with Andy, Sara  & Jacob in Philadelphia. After our second day-trip, I realized that is the way to go.  While it is nice to have more time with friends/family after the babes go to bed, it is  just easier to sleep and wake up at the same place each day at this point.

Shortly after arriving we went to the zoo. I think it has been 15-20 years since I was last at a zoo. I was so excited to take Lya. It was extra special because we got to go with Nick, Sara and Jacob, too.  And lucky us, we were able to all get in free on their family pass!

Philly (0709)1

Philly (0709)2

There is a children’s zoo that allows the kiddos to get up close to some of the animals, including an area full of goats.

Philly (0709)3

Philly (0709)4

Philly (0709)5

Unfortunately, on our short walk from the big cats to the children’s zoo, Jacob fell asleep and slept through the entire petting zoo.

Philly (0709)6

We spent the afternoon back at their house. We ordered in some delicious Vietnamese food and then Jacob & Lya splashed around in the sprinkler for a while…it was a first for both of them and I think they had fun!

Philly (0709)9

Philly (0709)7

Philly (0709)8

Sara made an amazing dinner and my cousin, Jason, joined us as well. We headed home around 7:30 with a T.I.R.E.D baby girl. She slept in the car and went down easily once we were back at the cottage.  Nick and I sat back, ate some ice cream, and enjoyed the So You Think You Can Dance results show. All in all, it was a pretty good Thursday.


2 thoughts on “Day 47

  1. do you remember when our family would come from the ‘Burg and yours from MD and we’d meet at National Zoo in DC? I bet I could find some photos!

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