Home again… (Day 50)

We left this morning around 7am and other than a stop in VA to visit with Nick’s sister and husband, we drove straight home, arriving around 5:30pm. We decided to face Lya’s seat forward for the trip and while it made some things easier–packing the truck, interacting from the passenger seat, etc.–I think it also make it harder for her be content with us not getting her out of the seat whenever she wanted. The last hour was a bit long with lots of crying and yelling. But we did eventually make it and Lya for one was thrilled to be back home. She seemed to remember where things were, figured out how to ride her little car immediately (for the first time), and just smiled and smiled and smiled.

Nick and I were both a bit surprised to realize how surreal the return felt to us. As we drove in, everything looked so full and green. (Including the driveway weeds, which I had meant to get ride of before we left….) It has been raining since we arrived so I haven’t been out and around much yet. I’m excited to get a better look at the flower beds and garden. When we came inside and it felt so empty. I kept thinking…it feels like no one lives here. Where did all of my decorations go? Finally I realized that my plants were all outside and it just makes it all feel so bare. The hardwood felt weird under my feet after weeks of walking on cork floors. It just felt strange to be home. And yet, as we settled into the couch after putting Lya to bed, it felt as if we had never left.

Unfortunately I have been feeling crappy again these last few days. The glands in my neck are huge and sore and I feel incredibly achy. So, first thing tomorrow morning I am calling the doctor. Enough of this!

It feels good to be back. I’m excited to pick up the mail, get unpacked and find our rhythm here again.


3 thoughts on “Home again… (Day 50)

  1. Welcome home! We arrived yesterday, after “only” 18 days away. You should see the state of our garden — the tomatoes have grown like weeds, and so have the weeds! But most of our flowers are pretty miserable without the sun.

    Come to the Mellow Mushroom as soon as you feel more settled.

  2. Thanks for sharing your trip! It’s been nice to see the pics and learn a bit more about your life 🙂 Feel better, take it easy.

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