Always something new…


I feel a like we’re exploding with new things this week. Unfortunately, I am doing a HORRIBLE job of recording any of it. I started a post recently trying to list a few of them out and it just felt blah–and then I wanted to add pictures and I didn’t get to that either. So, here’s a quick list….and I’ll try to do the pictures sometime soon.

– Playing pretend with her baby (my old cabbage patch) a lot….hugging, kissing, rocking, pushing the stroller, using the laundry basket as a crib, etc.

– Discovered the raspberry bush and can not stay away.

– Went to toddler-time at the library this week for the first time.

– Is really into holding my hand–not in a stay-with-mommy kind of way but in a security or just sweet closeness kind of way.

– I swear she’s been saying my name “Beggy”. I have suspected as much for the last week but recently she’s called out to me as I’m walking up the stairs or something and when I look back she’s looking right at me with a huge smile.

– Fickle eater. Love it today, refuse it tomorrow. 😦

– Has slept in until 8-9am many times over the last week and a half. I could get used to this as long as we’re also sleeping all night long.

– Is making all kinds of new faces and snorting noises when she’s excited about something.

– Loves her shape sorter and is bringing it to us multiple times a day to play with it. Each day she’s getting better at matching the shapes with the holes.

– Has recently taken an interest in the soft photo album of pictures from her orphanage and Vietnam. She carries it around and points out Nick, me and herself.

-Began to attempt somersaults on the couch. Which reminds me, Nick’s aunt got her the book “5 little monkeys” (jumping on the bed) which is VERY timely.


That’s all I can think of right now, but I know there is more. My friend, Erin, is arriving later today for a few days. We’re looking forward to having her here. Hopefully the weather cooperates and we’ll be able to do some hiking and spend lots of time enjoying this perfect, mountain summer. Not to mention shopping, pedicures, margaritas, S0 You Think Y0u Can Dance, gardening and more.


4 thoughts on “Always something new…

  1. She’s such a little beauty! Minh was sitting on my lap and said, ‘niiiiiice baby…mmmmwhhhaaah (that’s a kiss!)’

    Amazing how they change, huh? It’s exciting and scary!

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