Mothers in Action for Vietnam

You may have noticed a new button in my sidebar. I was very excited to receive an email this week from Kerry (a blog-friend) about the beginning of  Mothers in Action for Vietnam that she has formed along with two other VN adoptive mothers. Like myself, and so many of the VN adoptive parents I know, they were touched deeply by the people and culture of their child’s birth country. Below I have included a piece, taken from their website, that shares how this group began:

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” –Margaret Mead

Spending time living amongst an amazing people, many of whom are struggling with poverty, changes you. We cannot forget Vietnam, or the people we met there.

Several months ago, the three of us watched a video about a young boy living in the Tam Binh 2 orphanage located in Sài Gòn, a video that touched us deeply. That video set into motion the events that would leave to Mothers In Action for Vietnam. We began a dialogue about finding a way to unite the large number of bloggers we know for a common purpose. We started researching non-profit groups working in Vietnam with one goal in mind: to bring medical aid to disadvantaged children, orphans, and family. In that spirit, we hope to partner with various non-profits in Vietnam by sponsoring projects that align with our goals and passions.

This idea has been born out of a great passion to see waht kind of good we could do if we all united to support a series of projects with different organizations. It is our hope that with enough support, we will be able to expand our partnerships to encompass projects in the areas of orphan care, family preservation, HIV/AIDs care and education. It is in honor of our sons that we have united to form Mothers in Action for Vietnam.

Visit Mothers in Action for Vietnam to learn more about their first project, raising $600 to support two children with corrective surgeries. As they near their goal, they also hope to expand the project with Friends of Hue Foundation to support a mobile medical team. Please consider linking to Mother in Action on your own blog (they have directions on how to add a button to your website) and making a donation today.


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