Yesterday we went blueberry pickin’ with some friends. We recently finished up our stash from last year and so it was definitely time. Last year my helper was Nick and we gathered several gallons. This year, my helper ate way more than she collected. Surprise, surprise! We had a great morning.


blueberrypickin09.16 blueberrypickin09.2


blueberrypickin09.10 blueberrypickin09.6



blueberrypickin09.21 blueberrypickin09.20

In other news…we received information from the court house yesterday informing us that the readoption is complete! Everything was finalized with Lya’s adoption when we were in Vietnam, but we made the decision to readopt her in our home state (although not mandatory) since each state has different laws and we do not know what moves our future may hold. And now her name has been legally changed as well. There are a few more steps we can take before being completely finished with the post-adoption paperwork. However, this was the last big step and it feels lovely to have received the confirmation that it is complete.

Also, thank you so much for all of the comments on brushing teeth! There were so many great suggestions and we’ll be taking your advice. It was also fun to hear from some of you that don’t comment often–I just may need to pose more parenting questions as they come up…and oh, do they come up! Thanks, again!


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