18 months

Over the last two or three months, I have really slacked off on keeping up with my list of Lya’s new things. I always mean to write something down–and even have a few post-its lying around with little bits of progress–but just haven’t sat day with the list. So, I figured that with as fun as Lya is at 18 months is, I better take a few minutes to record some of the details. So, here are a few of my favorite things from 18 months:

~oh, the joyous laughter and giggles…all the time. Lya is really opening up and sharing her personality more and more. It is so wonderful to watch her experience joy so freely lately.

~Lya loves to color…with crayons or colored pencils preferably…I often find her sitting at her new table and chairs coloring. (Although sometimes on the table, chairs or wall, in addition to the paper.)

~putting two words together. “Thank you.” is very prevalent and heart felt these days. Also “Open that.” and “Give me.” Not counting “thank you”, Lya’s first two-word phrase,”open that,” happened as she reached back into the grocery cart, pulled out a can of pringle$, handed it to me and said, “Open that.” I nearly fell to the floor laughing. It was surprising and funny and no, I did not “open that” for her.

~It occurred to me recently that what she plays most with are her books. She spends hours looking at books during the day and often brings them to us so we can read them to her. Within the last month she’s also sitting for longer books, including “One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish” and my Mom’s recent book, “The Family Song.” She has sounds that correlate to many of her favorite books. For example, Dr. Suess’s ABC book is “E-e-e”.

~She is really working to repeat what we say. From colors, to the alphabet, to names, to silly sounds, etc. In general she is pretty chatty and within the last week this has often been with a sing-songy voice.

~Oh, how this girl likes to dance. She’s added in a shoulder shrug and hip swivel and dip most recently. Very cute.

~She knows several animal sounds, but her favorite at the moment is “Meow” which is a bit more like a high pitched “Nooooooo”.

~She loves the act of counting and for a long time she counted everything with “three.” I believe now we’ve moved on to “five”.

~Butterflies. I am not sure what she thinks of them exactly. She LOVES to point them out and calls them “Bys”…she thinks they buzz (like a bee) and if she encounters a real one in person she is frightened. But, as long as its fake or a picture she is very excited by them. I’m not sure where the fear comes from. She has not been stung and the only book we have about bees is about how they are helpful and friendly. The animated pictures do have large wings like a butterfly, so I can see where the confusion comes from…just not the fear.

~ She says and signs “Done” ALL THE TIME. Marking anything and everything that is done/empty/over/complete/etc.

~Lya LOVES lotion. She always brings us whatever lotion she finds and says “Open that.” She will then proceed to put it on her face, arms, legs, head, wherever she can reach.

~She has always been a fan of “Old McDonald” but has also recently added “Itsy Bitsy Spider” and “ABCs” to her list of love to sign along songs. (Also attempts the motions with Itsy Bitsy Spider)

~Within the last two days has developed a fairly impressive scowl.

Honestly, this month has been so much fun. We’re finally getting some sleep again (Wahoo!). Communication is getting easier and we have loved watching her vocabulary explode. There is so much silliness and laughter, the three of us just have so much fun together. I can’t wait to see what the next 6 months bring. To celebrate the half-birthday, we took a few pictures post-nap yesterday. (Including a few tears…)





18mpics14bw 18mpics6 18mpics13sm


7 thoughts on “18 months

  1. So so so sweet! And where did you find blueberries? Our came and went (into a lot of baking) a month ago.

    Give Lya a huge hug from us!

  2. Wonderful photos!! Seriously… so many great ones there. I’m pretty bad with doing the “new thing” posts myself… glad I’m not the only one… but this update was FABULOUS.

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