Kick-ass Morning

By that I mean, this morning kicked my ass.

This morning I made plans to walk with a friend on a nearby country road. As I tried to gather us together to head out for a walk, Lya threw a fit because she only wanted to wear a specific pair of shoes. Of course they were the ones of which I could only find one of the two shoes. After many tears and tissues, we headed out the door.

When we arrived, I pulled the jogger out, closed the trunk and went to get Lya out of her car seat. But, the car was locked. And I couldn’t find the keys. I had locked my daughter in the car. Luckily my friend hadn’t lost her mind yet, so she suggested I take her car, run home for the spare set and come back. I took her little man with me and she stayed behind playing peak-a-boo and trying to entertain Lya from outside of the car.

When I arrived home, I went for the spare house key, only to realize it wasn’t in its place. Either someone forgot to put it back or maybe Ben took it. Who knows. Both are possible.  So, I had to break into the house, tearing out a screen and climbing through a window.

When I returned to the car, I found the keys in the trunk. Thankfully, Lya was doing fine and we were able to head off for our walk.

All before 10am.

I am hoping for a better start to our afternoon.


6 thoughts on “Kick-ass Morning

  1. I did nearly the same thing with Maggie, when she was just about Lya’s age. Why did I let her play with keys? But I did, and she “beeped” the locks while I was putting groceries in the back, and that was it. I couldn’t move from where I was to phone Martin, and of course I didn’t have the cell phone with me. I had to borrow someone’s cell phone to get Martin to come out with the spare car key.

    *Not* my best day as a mom!

    To top it off, while Maggie was laughing at first, she was seriously p.o.’d by the time Martin arrived to rescue us.

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