One year ago yesterday (and At the Park: 4/4)

One year ago, yesterday, I came downstairs, sat down with the laptop, and (as every other morning) checked my email. We were 29 business days into our wait for USCIS approval to travel to Vietnam and adopt Lya. I was beyond excited to find the approval–so much so that I didn’t even see it at first. I can feel it as if it were yesterday. And so began the adventure of figuring out the details of our travel plans, purchasing last minute baby item and processing what this meant….within weeks we would be a family of three. I posted about it here and here.

Over the next weeks, I’ll probably go back and reread our adoption blog posts just to remember where we were a this time last year. As I come across significant or memorable moments, I’ll share pieces of them here.

However, one year later, today, we are overjoyed by our little bean and love watching her world grow. Here are a few last pictures from the park visit last week:

Oh, the love between these two…

holding hands



6 thoughts on “One year ago yesterday (and At the Park: 4/4)

  1. Getting ready to update our blog too….with the same entry. A year ago today we too received our approval to travel! Can’t wait to see the 3 of you in a week!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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