Up early

We’ve been up early a lot lately. Usually by 6:30–which may not be early for some, but it is too early for me. Lya loves to read first thing in the morning, so it usually buys me a bit more in-bed time, drifting in and out of sleep while she runs back and forth between her books at the bed. Inevitably, we end up reading a book or two before I’m up. In the dark. With my eyes closed. Reciting whatever it is I can remember at that point. Very monotone.  But, its our routine, and she seems to love the pattern. I just wish it would start an hour later.

One piece of our morning routine that I hope never changes is breakfast. I can almost guarantee that every morning I’ll have a fairly quiet 30 minutes or so of coffee and email while Lya sits next to me eating her breakfast. It is a pace I can handle and one I look forward to each morning. We both seem to appreciate the leisurely start to our day.

Today Jess and I are trading hours. She’s watched Lya a few times when I’ve had appointments and vice versa. This is our first day of saying, you take a morning, I’ll take an afternoon. The kiddos LOVE playing together and so it will make their day more exciting. I have a morning to myself. It is supposed to be to get some work done. (Which is why I suggested this in the first place.)  However, for the last 24 hours I have had a running to-do list that keeps nagging at this chunk of time. Maybe I should clean the house. A clean house would feel so nice. Maybe I should take care of some paperwork. Oh, it would be nice to be done with that. Maybe I should take a long leisurely shower and then go outside and take pictures. Then come back in and work on a new blog banner. Because that is obviously pressing. So many options. Except, not exactly. What I really need to do is just drop her off (get her settled) and then come home and get to work. Maybe make a phone call here, change out a load of laundry there, grab another coffee and get back to work. Knowing me, I’ll hit my groove about 15 minutes before it is time to go pick her up.


4 thoughts on “Up early

  1. Those fleeting blocks of “me-time” leave me paralyzed to this day. Sometimes I spend 1/2 hour just gazing out the window. Because I can for once. Or sometimes I spend them foolishly missing my girls or wondering what they’re doing. Or like now, letting my laptop suck away the time when I could/SHOULD be in the shower, starting dinner, gathering laundry, making a shopping list … Best wishes this morning. Whatever you do, enjoy the silence.

  2. It’s hard to get used to the ‘work/me/whatever’ time, but once you do, it gets more productive (and that includes lounging around productive if you like!)

  3. We start our day the same way – coffee/e-mail for me and breakfast for Caroline. 🙂 I feel your pain on the to-do list. For me, the longer it gets, the less I’m likely to start it. It’s just nice to enjoy some down time when I can get it.

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