Labor Day Weekend

I can’t quite believe that it has taken me an entire week to post pictures from our holiday weekend. We had a great time with friends in Indiana and Ohio. To keep it simple, I’ll just post some pics–there are quite a few.


Friday we arrived at Brooke & Homer’s house. (After a LONG night in the hotel w/ Lya….) Deb, Zach & Johan didn’t arrive much later than we did and we had a great evening hanging out, watching the kids play and catching up.





Justin, Brooke & Layton


After spending a few days in Indiana, we headed to Ohio to spend some time with the Makuleys. They were in our  Vietnam (adoption) travel group last fall.


Adam, Quinn & Rachel


*Squirmy kiddos*


Lya and Quinn weren’t quite sure about one another for the first few hours. There was a lot of “mine” statements (by Quinn) and toy hoarding (by Lya). But after some time playing on Quinn’s slide, the energies shifted and they had a blast together.






Over the course of five days, we spent 24 hours driving. That is a lot. And while this picture implies it was wonderfully joyful, it was not. It was probably one of our hardest trips with Lya so far. Lots of whining, fussing and in general neediness. Our last day was about an 8 hour drive home and she napped for 10 mintues. It was long.

We’re home again and this week has completely disappeared. It has been one of those weeks in which I feel like I am getting nothing checked off my list and yet moving non-stop. It is good to be home and good to feel the fall air creep in. Lya and I have another trip planned before too long–our first flight since we returned last year. (And our first flight w/out Nick.) We’re headed to Pennsylvania to be with family for a week at the end of the month. I haven’t told many people I am coming, so if that includes you and you’d have time to get together over coffee and/or a play date, drop me an email. I’m just starting to wrap my head around the trip. I am still working on activities for the plane. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Labor Day Weekend

  1. Great pictures! BTW I am in love with your friend’s (Justin?) ceramic work. I checked out the site and wow.

    There is nothing worse than being trapped in a car with an unhappy baby. Good Lord I know…

  2. ooh! come have coffee with me! i’d love to see you and lya again. our kids, too, were rotten at that age, both flying and driving. yuck, yuck, yuck. a couple of tricks: lots of small treats and books and toys, a big dill pickle (weird, but it works!), and cross your fingers….

  3. Been there, done that. Oh god.

    For flying, I hope you managed a direct flight!! My best hints:

    1. try to pack a very light carry-on. But don’t forget extra snacks and diapers.

    2. bring a spillproof sippy cup and make sure Lya is a bit thirsty when you board; sucking during take-off will help her ears.

    3. bring a stroller. It will save you in the airport!!

    4. pack a few small toys and books she has never seen or hasn’t seen in a while. She can play with those on the plane and they’ll keep her entertained longer than an old friend. Maggie traveled to Ireland at age 2 with a little doll with removeable velcro-ed clothes. It kept her entertained for ages!! Come to MM sometime soon and I’ll ask Maggie if Lya can borrow her old doll (assuming I can even track it down now!)

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