I have been a bad blogger.

Every day this week, I have planned to post. Afterall, Lya turned 19 months old. And this day last year we LANDED IN VIETNAM. Big things in these parts. And yet, I haven’t managed to make it happen. (sigh)

Part of the issue is that Lya hates all things computer related lately. So, that limits me. A lot. The other part is that while I am taking pictures that I’m excited about–I haven’t had any interest is sorting and editing because I’m knee deep in another picture project. The wedding. I am just a little embarrassed to admit that I am not finished editing them yet. And I think that maybe when I am done with them all, a little reflection post may be in order. But, I will say I am loving the process. It just takes me a long time since (as mentioned above…) my time is limited and I am still learning a lot along the way. Being in the middle of this does not make me want to get into another project because my head is here, I’m having fun and there is still a lot to do.

So, I promise to post again soon. Seriously. And I promise there will be some pictures of Lya (for those who stop by for that reason alone). I’d post something from last year, but really it just says, “we’re here!” Nick and I talked about it first thing this morning, remembering the feel, sounds and experiences of those first days. We’re ready to go back and do see more.


3 thoughts on “I have been a bad blogger.

  1. We can’t wait to go back too. Maybe instead of trying to get together in the US once a year we should all just pack up & head to VN once a year….wishful thinking!!!!!!

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