One year ago today, we met our baby girl.

Thoughts from last year when we first met Lya:

We spent about two hours this morning at the Tam Ky oprhanage. Lya is beyond sweet. She’s a chubby little baby who smiled for us and laughed for us. Her nannies clearly love her….I was told that three of them took care of her….and they didn’t really want to share her with us! One came and introduced her to us and after a bit I had to ask to hold her. A little while later another came and put her arms out to Lya, as if asking me to hand her over. She then went and sat in another room and played with her for a while. They laughed and laughed. It was so sweet.

Lya fell asleep on Nick about an hour after we arrived. She tucked her head under each of our chins a few times and in general seemed very comfortable with us while she was awake. Nick held her sleeping for a while before her nanny came and took her to her crib.

September 23, 2008


September 23, 2009


Today was full of giggles, talking/new words and silliness. I stopped so many times to remember the day we met last year. I just can’t believe how much she has grown. In size. In personality. In openness. In silliness. It is just astounding. Tomorrow we will celebrate our first family day. We have a special (yet simple) afternoon planned for the three of us and Lya will be extra excited to see that Uncle Jon is meeting us for dinner.

Last year, while we were meeting Lya, my best friend Emily was meeting her baby girl for the first time, too. While we waited for news of when we’d get to leave for our G&R, I was also eagerly checking email to keep up with the status of Emily’s labor. This will forever be a special week in both of our homes. Happy 1st Birthday, Ellie!


9 thoughts on “One year ago today, we met our baby girl.

  1. Happy Family Day to all three of you(and Happy B-day to Emily’s Ellie!)
    Looking forward to hanging tiwht you guys when you’re up..I NEED to email you back…

  2. ah, so you guys are the ones who had the awesome visit with zoe and lee! i’m so jealous…we’re going to nc but will not get to hang out much due to scheduling stuff.

    congrats on the one year! they go by so darn quickly…

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