Week 2

A week ago Lya and I flew north to be with family for a week. It has been a long week peppered with fever, belly-aches, whining, clingness, crying, and exhaustion. Did I mention very  little sleep? It has been a long long week.

Friday night, over dinner, I reached my breaking point as I reflected on how tired I was and what my next week looked like. I realized a few things that began to shift my thinking about the flight home that was scheduled in the morning. First of all, while we’ve been gone Nick has been giving our living room a facelift. While I am super excited to get home and see the tranformation, I am also very aware of the fact that house is still torn apart because he needed a bit more time to finish up some trim work. In addition, he has a crazy academic week ahead (read: early mornings, late evenings) and so not only would we see him little, the house would remain in disarray. Not only that, but Wednesday he is leaving for a four-day trip to D.C. So, in my exhaustion, the idea of going home began to feel pretty faulty.

We stayed.

Luckily Lya seems to be slowly coming out of her discomfort. I hope this continues to mean more sleep and more smiles. It may also mean that we can now spend some time with people we did not get to see last week b/c of the unexpected yuckiness. I’m still hesitant to make any real plans until we make it through another day or so and I can fully access how fully we are “normal” once again. But, I’m hoping for much more fun and social days this week.

I am also planning to also take care of a few other details that fell by the wayside last week. I have hopeful feelings about the coming week. Maybe I’ll even manage a picture post sometime soon.


2 thoughts on “Week 2

  1. oh, Becky, I am so sorry 🙂 but think you made a wise decision…
    feel free to call me if you want to vent or need a shoulder to cry on 🙂

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