The Talk


*Mona Bella Techie Mouse Tracker*

A few weeks ago I had the unfortunate situation of stumbling across “evidence” of mice one moment and then the next moment finding a dead mouse in a completely separate room. Yuck. I do not like mice so much (or snakes. or spiders.) but as long as I am not surprised by them and they stay out of my space, I am okay. This time I was most definitely surprised and I almost threw-up. It took me a little while to recover, including a trip away from the house.

That night Mona and I had a talk. I let her know that she had some expectations to meet or we’d be bringing in back-up. First of all I told her that she absolutely had to stay on top of this mouse thing. And secondly (just for good measure) I told her that I expected her to start interacting with Lya. And you know what? It worked!

In the last two and a half weeks we’ve found six mice…thankfully all dead. And she’s even begun interacting with Lya. Not only has she stayed in the room a few times after Lya arrived, but I’ve found her joining us a few times, too. On Friday, she really went all out and let Lya sit next to her, pet her and she even stretched out putting her bottom legs in Lya’s lap. Lya was thrilled, but truth be told, it was a bit much. She isn’t used to this level of affection from Mona and she wasn’t sure she was ready to go there just yet.

It is hard to argue that Mona didn’t understand. I know that, for Mona, the only thing worse than having a toddler around would be having a kitten, too. Hopefully we’ve seen the end of the mice. This is double the number that we’ve seen in the first three years we’ve lived here. I’m not sure if Nick somehow disturbed a nest while working on the living room recently or if word in the field is that we’ve got an extra supply of crumbs around here. Either way, I’m just glad Mona is rising to the occasion.


5 thoughts on “The Talk

  1. Yeah, that kind of thing creeps me out…our kitties are indoor fellows but I’m always wondering what they would if they could, bring to us…

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