month by month

When Lya first arrived, a close friend sent us this book. I love it. While I should have been filling it in as we journeyed through that first year, I didn’t. But I am working on it now. Within the book there is a page for each month that includes a horizontal picture, a place to write in height/weight and your baby’s firsts from that month. It has been really fun to go back and look at each month and see how much she has changed. I thought I’d share the pictures here, as well. I do hope to put together a photo book that documents her first two years. Actually, I probably should start that soon, because it is not very easy to choose a few favorites when you have hundreds to sort through.

7months7 months old

8months8 months old

9months9 months old

10months10 months old

11months11 months old

12months12 months old

13months13 months old

14months14 months old

15month15 months old

16months16 months old

17months17 months old

18months18 months old


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