This week my favorite consignment sale is open for its winter sale. Tonight was the pre-sale for volunteers and a lucky few, like myself, who won free passes through the blog. Ever since winning my pass, I had assumed that the pre-sale was Thursday. So, last night when I “double checked” the time, I noticed that it was actually Tuesday. I am so glad I checked because I would have been bummed if I had missed it.

All day I was excited. Nick came home early and hung out with Lya and Ben so that Jess and I could shop child-free. I had a few bigger items in mind that I did not find, but I made up for that with other things that were not on my list. Isn’t that how it always works? On Saturday everything will be half-price, so maybe I’ll go back. I did manage to get a few small toys, two books for me and a handful of long-sleeve shirts for Lya. So, do you shop a consignment sale that you look forward to each season or year? Do you consign or just shop? What are some of the great things you’ve scored at a consignment sale?

Other than the excitement of the pre-sale, it was kind of a long day. I did not sleep well last night. Must have been the kicks my arms, boobs, and ribs endured. It made me start off the day fairly grumpy. And since Lya obviously did not sleep well either, she was fairly whiny and grumpy today, too. I think Nick made up for all of my grump tonight though, because they clearly had a lot of fun while we were gone. Hopefully by tomorrow morning we’ll both be well rested again.

Just for fun, here is a random picture from yesterday. I gave Lya one of the slr cameras I had from long ago. The metal frame is a bit heavy, but she is having a lot of fun taking (pretend) pictures with her nama.

Lya's Camera


7 thoughts on “pre-sale

  1. OK – that photo is adorable. I was just wondering what to do with all of my [film] SLR stuff… that never crossed my mind.

    And, I LOVE consignment shopping!! My latest favorite score (and it does change on a weekly basis) is the name brand winter coat that I got for $10! (Retails for $45). But the velour sweatsuit, the hats, oodles of shirts, a cute sweater all rank up there too. And tomorrow our shop is putting out the holiday wear…. I can’t wait!

    I sound like a complete consignment dork, don’t I?!

  2. we have some early childhood pta sales around here that i’ve hit up. i LOVE getting the daycare/play clothes from them. then i don’t feel bad that they come home covered in who knows what!

  3. There’s a yearly consignment sale here at the local school that I like; but I miss the awesome thrift shops back home. They exist here but are really expensive!

    Love that pic. What a face.

  4. My best find ever at the thrift store was a pair of Seven jeans I got a few months ago…usually around $200, I paid $1.99!!

  5. I was hoping to get to the sale today (boy NEEDS shoes!), but it will have to be tomorrow. But just for shoes — Sunday is SHOPPING day! I love this consignment sale, too.

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