This afternoon Lya and I had tea with a friend. It was so lovely and something we really need to do more often. I’m hoping it will continue. I’m really excited because she’s a massage therapist and we’ve worked out a trade. I’m making something for her to use in her sessions. In turn I’ll get a massage or two. I cannot wait.

It has been a fairly quiet day with a good balance of activity and stillness. This month I have decided to implement an increased level of balance-seeking intentionality. It touches on food, exercise, crafting, blogging, and wellness in general. I’m only on day 4 but I am happy to say I haven’t caved on the goals I have set for myself yet. I keep trying to remember that come December 1st I can drop it all, but just to stick with it for now. I’m sort of hoping this develops into some new habits in the meantime.

So, here are a few pictures. I haven’t actually used my camera in the last two days, but last month when I wasn’t posting, I was taking pictures nearly every day. I thought maybe this month I’d go back and pull from a few of those days.

Stickers and babies. They both make my girl so happy. Hats, too.





Lya has been playing with three of my childhood dolls. This particular one is the only one she has left dressed lately. The socks and shoes were removed days ago.


4 thoughts on “Wednesday

  1. HAT.

    Massage trades are awesome. I had a friend in school a few years back and I never said no to her needing a body to ‘practice on’.

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