After naps today, Lya & I met Jess & Ben at a park in a neighboring town. We’ve been there before and decided to get out and enjoy the sun this afternoon. Its also close to the outlets. I didn’t need anything. But I came home with three pairs of socks, a pair of slippers & tights for Lya. Do you think my feet have been cold lately?

This week has been peacefully boring. Not boring in the way of not knowing what to do with myself. More like boring in the way of not being stressful or really having anywhere we needed to be. Maybe casual and light is a better description than boring.

I have been working on a wall hanging for Lya’s room. Two years ago I got an old tattered quilt along with a box of sewing scraps at Nick’s grandmother’s sale. I was especially excited about the quilt and had visions of beautiful picnics on the old quilt without a worry about keeping it clean. Well, two years later it had been used for many unclean things–but nothing quite as romantic as a picnic.  Not wanting it to fall further into shreds, I decided to use it to create a wall hanging in Lya’s room. I’ve been planning for weeks, which has worked out fine because that is about all I could do giving my sewing machine is at the shop for repairs. I have started cutting it apart though and I am excited to put it all back together. Once it is done, I’ll post a picture of the finished piece.


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