3 Reasons I’m Dragging

(1) Its rainy and dreary.

(2) Lya is a miserable sleeper at the moment.

(3) I’m sick.
Blech. Today is one step up from yesterday afternoon, but only barely. My throat isn’t as sore, but my baby didn’t nap. Again. Nick got home a little while ago and he’s feeling crappy now, too. Yikes. Last night was my night of rest–meaning he dealt with she-wh0-barely-sleeps. Guess that means its his turn to rest tonight. As for the sleep thing I’ve nailed it down to three things. (1) teeth (2) growth spurt and (3) poorly formed habits. As soon as us adults are healthy and build up a little bit in our sleep reserves, we’re tackling #3. I’m not sure what to do with #1 & #2 other than just ride it out. Well, who are we kidding, I could be completely wrong about those reasons anyway…

On the bright side, I got a call from the local quilt shop. My machine is ready to pick up AND the repair person experienced and fixed the problem this time. Or so I’m told. Thank god. I can’t wait to jump back into some sewing. I have two projects that are priority, so with any luck I’ll finish them this weekend and then have wide-open possibilities for what comes next.


2 thoughts on “3 Reasons I’m Dragging

  1. #1 and #2…try and go with it. #3: we all live and learn…

    Feel better. Can’t wait to see what you start sewing again!

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