I took this picture last night as Nick was reading to Lya before bed. I think that having Nick do the bedtime routine works for all three of us. Lately, I’ve noticed that Lya really misses him when he’s not here for bedtime. I always have naps and *usually* that involves rocking and singing the sweet babe to sleep.

I finished the wall-hanging I was working on. I’ve used my sewing machine a ton since getting it back and I’m happy to say it is working well. I finished the wall-hanging and we hung it this weekend. I meant to get some good pictures of it to post–but I’ll have to wait until another day.

On a completely different note, our chickens have started laying eggs. Or rather, one of our four girls is laying eggs. While we didn’t have any today, we did have one Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Needless to say, we’re pretty excited.



6 thoughts on “bedtime

  1. That’s a gorgeous photo Beck. Hey btw, we’re gearing up for another exchange student placing season. Are you interested in jumping on board? I don’t think Helen ever found anyone for NC…

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