What I’ve been working on…

I truly meant to get this up yesterday and start a new routine: What I’ve been Working on Wednesdays. But, I didn’t. So, next week I hope to start. I am definitely spending more time making things again and I want my blog to capture more than just adorable pictures of my sweet child.

I have had my sewing machine back for about a week and I am loving it. Here are two projects I finished up this week.

Sleep in Peace. This is the wall-hanging I made for above Lya’s crib. Originally it was a tattered quilt that I received with Nick’s grandmother’s sewing scraps. I went rounds on how to put to this together, whether or not to add in other materials, etc. In the end, I only used the original quilt and I’m happy with the scrappy results. (But not the picture–I should have taken a picture outside before we attached it to the wall.)

The other sewing project I worked on this week was this set of rice mits that I’m trading with a friend/massage therapist. This is my first attempt, and if she was imagining something different I’ll be happy to oblige and keep this set for myself.


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