Two a day!

Two of our girls are stepping up. And here’s a hint. It isn’t her.

Or her. Because while these chickens were showing up for a photo shoot, their friends were MIA.(This one is kinda creepy, don’t you think? It’s the only one I can tell apart from the others. I call her yellow beak.)

After a while we were joined by a third and decided to go check out what the fourth was up to.

She wasn’t thrilled about being interrupted, but she was happy to wait on a few cracker crumbs with the others.

Its so nice how Lya is completely comfortable around them.

(Much faster than me in fact.)

Alright, time to let these birds get down to business.

An hour later, this is what we found. Two a day, for the last four days!

Our egg carton is quickly filling up in the fridge. At some point we’re going to need to gift some eggs. After all, only two of our four are laying so far. I’m just tickled to no longer have to pay for free-range eggs.


6 thoughts on “Two a day!

  1. love it. something about laying chickens is so endearing to me. I grew up with chickens you know. the flock who supplied us with eggs and then the banties who laid on their eggs and we had peepies. so nostalgic, I am. (what’s new?)

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