Explains a lot…

Several of you have asked over the last couple of weeks how we’re doing with sleep. Well, it has improved some–but not much. We’ve still been getting up several times a night, but luckily they aren’t always 2hrs at a time. Anyway, this week Lya developed a runny nose–following a stuffy nose from the week before–and I started to have this nagging “check her ears” feeling. So, yesterday I called and made an appointment for this morning before the holiday weekend.

Sure enough, we have an ear infection. (sigh) And her two bottom molars are peaking through with a point each. This explains so much of the craziness lately. I feel so bad that she’s been feeling so rotten. Not only that, but she had a big growth spurt (well, for her) over the last 2-3 months. Her body is just working against her for sleep right now.

Hopefully after a dose of antibiotics and maybe some teething relief, we’ll all actually return to normal sleep patterns.

Lya has recently become a bit more clingy with me, but she’s simultaneously kicked up her admiration of Nick. It is amazing how consistently he gets her shaking with belly laughs. She just loves being around him. Tonight we drove into town and met him for dinner because he expected to be working late. I sat at dinner and watched the two of them cracking up at each other and it was such a beautiful space. It always is so special to be able to watch the two of them together.


2 thoughts on “Explains a lot…

  1. It WILL pass — I promise! Mickey has recently (knock wood!) given up most of his 11.30 wake-ups. Most mights now, he sleeps from 8-4am(ish), and then quietly sneaks into bed with us. He got his final two teeth in a few weeks ago and I don’t think the better sleeping is unrelated.

    Now, I should say Lys will find new ways to make you scramble to keep up, but isn’t it all just amazing? Mickey was looking for Lya at the MM tonight — give her a special kiss just from him!

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