My head is full. And come to think of it, so is my memory card. I have been ridiculously lazy about getting any pictures downloaded in the last week. (or maybe more??) I am working off of several different check lists trying to make it to the end of the year. Rather, just through the next two weeks. Nick is buried in end-of-the-semester responsibilities for now, but within two weeks he’ll be done and we’ll be out the door.

I am happy to report that for the last three nights we have actually slept well. Excitingly (for me) Lya was able to fall asleep on her own for a nap today. Seriously–this is the first time in MONTHS. I feel like we’re making progress. I am not sure what her teeth are doing–but I’m tempted to think they’ve taken a break. I did find her looking in the mirror yesterday with her mouth wide open, trying to see what was going on back there. Unfortunately, I wasn’t quick enough and didn’t actually get to see for myself.

I didn’t post what I was working on last week–but I have been working on a few things. I’ll post my projects-with pictures-later this week. I have really been enjoying the studio space and I’ve been extra happy that lately Lya does, too. I was actually able to start and complete two Christmas gifts while she played this week. I’ve started to think ahead to her Feb birthday and I want to make her an art desk of her own for my space. That way she always have projects she can work on when we’re down there together. In order for this dream to become a reality–Nick will have to make the desk before the semester starts. After that I’ll be putting together little art bins that contain different materials, projects, etc. Do you have any ideas of fun supplies or projects that a 2-year-old (!) will enjoy? I’ll definitely do a post on this whole set-up once its complete and share the art tools that we end up including.

Okay, off to make spaghetti pie for dinner. What did you do with your Sunday?


5 thoughts on “Full

  1. yummmmmmm. spaghetti pie! your activities remind me of my days at the sewing machine with little ones surrounding me with their play. oh, romantic nostalgic me!

  2. I feel like I’m buried in lists too, and will be thankful when the holiday is here and things settle down again! Looking forward to seeing you three soon!

  3. What is spaghetti pie!? I’m intrigued 🙂

    A little art desk next to yours sounds awesome. We got Minh a little wooden table with 2 chairs and he loooooooooves it.

    On sunday here in Holland it rained. (Please, hold back your surprise)

    Minh hung out with papa so I got to sleep and lounge around for the afternoon!

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