Wednesday’s What I’ve Been Working On… (Dec9)

Over the past two weeks, I have managed to finish a few small projects and continue to make progress on a long-standing quilt top. Mostly I’ve been sewing together squares for days and I think I actually may be able to finish them up before we leave town. With the end in sight, it is hard to walk away.  While we’re north, I plan to pick up some much needed quilting solids to finish out another long-standing quilt top project.  I started them both nearly two years ago and they have been set aside for one reason or another time and time again. Hopefully come January I’ll be able to post the finished tops.

Here are a few pics from the last two weeks:

Squares waiting to be sewn together.

Lya’s new Christmas stocking.

A few Christmas gifts.

In addition to sewing, I have been prepping some pictures to frame and enjoying a few new photography books. Currently I’m reading a page or two of this book before bed. I’m not sure how much I’m retaining at that time of night, but I’ve appreciated the pictures and information.

What have you been working on? Holiday gifts? Projects of your own? Last minute sales? What did you create this week?


4 thoughts on “Wednesday’s What I’ve Been Working On… (Dec9)

  1. I can’t wait to see!!!! Beautiful. I’m selfishly glad you are doing quilts again and posting because it’s inspiring me! I also love your stuff. I still think about that huge one you posted a while back? Wow.

    I have made almost all of our gifts to give! Postcard pockets, pillow covers…some ornaments.

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