Heart broken

I think most of my pictures from the last year are gone. Including most of our Vietnam trip pictures. I’m trying not to panic. I’m backing up everything else and trying to think through what could have happened or what I may have lost. And I continue to look everywhere for the files.

The good news is that so far I know the following:
(1) I have all of our video from Vietnam.

(2) I have blogs with pictures

(3) We made some photo books as soon as we returned from Vietnam.

(4) A lot of the pictures I’ve edited were on the computer and not external drive–so I still have them.

(5) I have photos on some online printing sites. (Although I haven’t looked yet to see what exactly.)

Basically my backing up turned into just dumping onto my external drive and so I don’t have an actual back-up in place. Lesson learned–from now on I’ll be backing up regularly. This is sad and ridiculous. I still have a bit of hope that I’ll find them. The external has been a bit finicky lately, so maybe they’ll show up?? But honestly, its the only thing missing so it seems that they were accidentally deleted. I’m pretty sure it was me, but maybe Nick bumped something or Lya did something. She has taken to jumping up to type on the keyboard or click on the mouse whenever I turn my back for a minute. Unfortunately, I did a “secure empty trash” yesterday. Does anyone know if there is a way to get files back after doing that??(I have a Mac.)

Anyone have any suggestions?

I am 99% sure that I did not delete these files when I emptied trash yesterday. The numbers in the trash made sense and adding these files would have been probably 10X at much.


4 thoughts on “Heart broken

  1. oh no! I got nothing… I know techy people can sometimes do miracles in finding and retrieving stuff…
    Do you know any computer geeks?

  2. Call DriveSavers. They saved my life twice now. It’s not cheap… but they can tell you if you even have a chance with just a phone call. I’ve been here so I know how horrible it is. It turns out that external drives have a very short lifespan so I now use Amazon Storage and Mozy for backup (but you can’t just store stuff on Mozy which stinks)

    Here’s the website for DriveSavers:

    Feel free to delete this comment since I’m putting all sorts of stuff in in that might get random traffic to your blog… and also feel free to shoot me an email if you want more details.


  3. Nick can maybe bring it to the techies on campus. They used to fix home computers for free; they might still do the same. Go to ITS in Belk Hall (History building) and ask for Curtis. He doesn’t do Macs, but he’ll know who does. Use my name — he and Martin are buddies! And I just gave him Christmas candy. He’ll take care of you.

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