Thank you to everyone who offered suggestions and advice about the missing pictures. I still have not found them–but I’m putting it out of my mind for now and will deal with it in the new year. I plan to use Mary’s suggestion and use the services Nick has access to at the University. I did find that I had a lot of the Vietnam pictures loaded into Snapfi$h and $hutterfly. That was reassuring. My disorganization is helping quite a bit it seems–I am finding pictures in many other locations as well. Just not the organized, sorted & working system I had finally been using.

It is snowing. Currently we have 10+ inches and it is still coming down. They’re predicting quite a bit more yet. I have to admit that I love the idea of a big snow storm. We went over to Todd, Jess & Ben’s for a little Christmas celebrating tonight. Coming home was a bit questionable–but we made it. Thank god we have 4-wheel drive on the truck.

We got up early this morning to run all of our last-minute errands around town and try to beat the snow. We are/were planning to leave on Sunday but that is a bit tentative at the moment. We’ll have to wait and see what happens. Nick is finally completely done with the semester and so it is nice to have some help in getting ready to be gone .

Lya has really been enjoying some of the holiday cheer. She loves the tree and usually says goodnight to it before bed each night. She loves “Mas songs” (Christmas Music) and asked for them all day. Today she discovered Christmas cookies and she is definitely a fan. It should be a fun Christmas getting to watch her take it in and enjoy it all.

I’m tempted to not check my to-do list and just call it a day. I’m exhausted and eager for sleep.


One thought on “Snow!

  1. I so hear you on the “calling it a day” concept. Stay safe and enjoy the weather! Now I owe you an email, but chores and to-dos are calling my name for now… more soon!

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