I have finally made the commitment to take a daily picture of Lya this year. Only six days late. I have been so inspired by the bloggers who have prioritized this and decided that I wanted to capture the daily changes in Lya. To aid in my success, I have made two pro-active decisions.

#1 I will keep my Canon Rebel out and ready to shoot to avoid the excuse of not being in the mood to pull out the camera. On the days I use my 50d, I’ll use those pictures, but this way I don’t have the excuse of not pulling out the dslr–I’ll have one ready.

#2 I’ll post a weekly collage instead of daily picture to avoid the excuse of not being in the mood to download and post every day. Since that does seem to be an issue with me…

Hopefully these two things will help me to succeed in 2010. Of course I didn’t make the final decision until January 6th and I actually missed a few days (4) off the bat. Whatever.

I’m looking forward to following along on the many other 365 projects this year. Drop me a comment if you’re doing your own 365,  as well!


Weekly notations:

Jan 2nd: I spent the day in a photo shoot for an upcoming canning and preserving cook book. Lya and Nick joined us for lunch and Lya participated in some of the pictures, too.

Jan 6th: Hanging out in the new tent from Mimi.

Jan 7th: Playing with her homemade play dough.


3 thoughts on “1/52

  1. I am! As fate would have it, my camera busted on 1/1 but Jess came through in a pinch and loaned me hers. So far I’m having lots of fun. Looking forward to seeing what a year in my life looks like …

  2. I love your first collage! That is a great idea!!! I would not be likely to post every day either. I will be looking forward to your Project 365 (I think that’s what I’ve seen it called) collages!

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