A bit of catching up…

I’ve been meaning to post for two days now. I have a video I hoped to share but I can’t figure out how to get it on the blog yet–so it will just have to wait. However, just in case that doesn’t happen, I’ll tell you that Lya has learned to eat with chopsticks. On her 2nd attempt. We were both so impressed that even I ran for the video camera.

Speaking of Lya, she turned 23 months today. I cannot believe that in just one month she will be two years old. TWO YEARS OLD. Holy cow. She is growing up so quickly and makes us laugh so so much. She is saying so many things and many of her once partial words are taking their full form. Some quick highlights of our girl:

(1) She’s all about the alphabet. She’s been able to identify her capital letters since about 18 months. She is now starting to recognize a few of the lower case letters as well. She enjoys “writing” the letters O, Q, I & sometimes a W or N. She also enjoys making us write letter after letter after letter. Her newest alphabet trick is sign language. I’m not exactly sure of the exact number, but she’s getting close to knowing them all. She often practices and shows us a new letter she’s mastered. She’s stay fixated on one for a few days until she gets its mastered and then moves on to the next.

(2) She loves counting. She counts to 13 in english and enjoys counting (repeating us) in French, Spanish & German. Sometimes she knows a few of those on her own as well–but since our knowledge stops at the number 10, so does hers.

(3) One of her favorite activities right now is playing photo shoot. Ever since I started taking a daily photo of her, her photo shooting has increased as well. So, multiple times a day she demands I get my camera. And then we walk around and take pictures. (Me for real, her for pretend since she has an empty film camera.) She has also started to request for me to take her picture. For example when we said good by to Mimi (Nick’s Mom) last month she wanted me to go get my camera and take a picture of them. Or yesterday while she played with the water in the sink she thought it would be a good opportunity for pictures.

(4) One of the phrases Nick and I find the most humor in is “good catch!” She way over uses this phrase and basically any slip, fall or actual catch ends with a “good catch,” unless there are tears. So, last night when she tripped and face planted on Nick’s shoe, she looked up and said, “good catch!”

(5) We’re in a growth spurt which is fun and a bit crazy. We’re learning daily just how far/high she can reach and it has been a bit of a readjustment for us. Last night I listened as Nick discovered she could reach up and pull an egg off of the counter. He gave her a little lecture about how eggs are fragile and you need to be very careful, etc. And then he set the egg on the counter and watched as it rolled off an fell, breaking on the floor. Oh wait…that one was Nick’s fault. 🙂

(6) Sing sing sing. Somedays it seems that I sing non-stop. Seriously. It is so sweet though b/c Lya loves songs and is slowly getting to the point of being able to sing through them herself. Her sweet little voice makes my day each and every time.

Anyway, not a dull moment around here lately. And luckily, they have been mostly rested moments, because the unrested ones aren’t dull either…they just make me ready to have a glass of wine by 3pm.

This morning Lya told me she wanted to go to the store for books. So, while I thought she may mean the library, we headed to the thrift store. 🙂 We found many including this old VHS:

The Very Hungry Caterpillar and Other Stories [VHS]

I really appreciate his books, and so this is a nice video to watch. It simple, beautiful, has nice calm music and holds Lya’s attention w/out being over-stimulating. She runs her little toddler commentary throughout since she also knows the books.

One last thing. Yesterday was Wednesday and at the end of the year I had started posting some “What I’m Working on Wednesday” posts. I do mean to continue that in 2010…but I just haven’t gotten to it yet. However, what I’m working on this week is also what I’ll be working on next week, so I’ll plan to post about that all next Wednesday.

Look for my Project 365:Week 2 collage tomorrow!


3 thoughts on “A bit of catching up…

  1. Holy Moly! I can’t believe how well she knows her letters and numbers! Me thinks maybe I should *start* that with Spencer?!

    What a wonderful update! It had me smiling and giggling the whole way through…

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