Missing…but busy.

It has been a while since I’ve posted with anything other than pictures of Lya. I have been quite busy getting a few projects underway at the start of the year and blogging just wasn’t much of a priority. I have managed to stick with the daily pics though–so that is something.

I have managed to spend some time with my sewing machine, as well. Right before Christmas I finished putting together a bunch of squares and over the last couple of weeks I put together a quilt top. It is not the exact pattern I had originally planned, but since I took out half of the squares (solid blocks of the same patterns) I now have a second top underway. Here are a few pictures of the first. I laid it out on our bed to figure out how big I want my borders to be. For the most part, the quits I’ve finished in the past don’t actually fit our queen-sized bed and I really want this one to be for our bed.

Near the end of last year I was invited to be apart of a book that will come out this spring. So, on Jan 2nd I spent the day photographing canning & preserving processes. Today was the day that it was all due, and so preparing the pictures for deadline has taken up a lot of my *extra* time these last two weeks. I am excited about the project though and it feels great to meet a deadline without stress for once.


3 thoughts on “Missing…but busy.

  1. Wow- gorgeous!!!!

    What do you do with the quilts you make? They are so beautiful. Like that one I am still obsessed with (with your mom and Nick holding it up in the picture 🙂 )

    Congrats on the book! What/when/details???

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