Bumps, Bruises & Break-downs.

That is just how my day started. Actually, the exhaustion began at about midnight last night when Lya joined me in bed and proceeded to kick me all night.

This morning started much much much earlier than I wanted to tolerate, but what could I do? Nothing. So I got up and started drinking coffee. Lya was playing nicely and then somehow fell face-first into her toy shelf. Thank God for cheek and brow bones. Seriously. It looks painful, but there wasn’t much blood or crying. Later she broke down at a friend’s house and then continued to lose it about everything until I finally sat down and rocked her to sleep for a nap. It took only about three minutes. And then I got a 2 hour nap. It was as if my whole day was leading up to that amazing little break. It was wonderful.

Here is a bit of silliness from yesterday. Lya loves to pose in front of a mirror. I didn’t cut myself off on purpose, just apparently had a hard time holding the camera in a way that included me.

For those of you who asked about the free photo book. It was an email offer from $hutterfly for members or something. Did no one else get this? Anyway, I ordered my book this afternoon. I am equal parts excited and a bit nervous that I should have looked over it one more time before hitting the “order” button. Oh well, too late.

Gotta run and go manage a breakdown in the other room. Did I mention that we turn two in two weeks?


6 thoughts on “Bumps, Bruises & Break-downs.

  1. Oh girl, I have had that day!! I’m glad to hear you both survived. But I’ll bet she sleeps like a stone tonight and tomorrow will be wonderful. Kiss her from Mickey!

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