Time out, George.

Lya has been hanging out with George (her monkey) a lot lately. So, it was only natural that he came outside with us to enjoy a warm spring-like day.

Lya really loves George. And he loves her, too. (Or so Lya has him sign.)

However, today he must have done something wrong. I thought she was just talking to him, but then she got off her trike and put him in a time out.

After an appropriate amount of time, she went to get him.

But then this happened and George went back for a second time out.

While George was in time out, Lya watched him from about 15 yards back.

And when time out was over, she went and talked with him about what had happened.

Then she gave him a big kiss on the head.

And off they went about their play.


I am LOVING the pretend play. It is so much fun to watch. I love the imagination.

It was a beautiful day here and I finally got out and walked around the yard enough to see that many of our spring plants are pushing up.

I feel like spring is finally arriving. Hopefully to stay.


11 thoughts on “Time out, George.

  1. Adorable!! Maggie used to play like that; Mickey pretends, too, but like most boys his dolls are toys, not intimate friends.

  2. OH! I LOVE that series of shots! Seriously, adorable! Ella has a crazy fun imagination right now (complete wtih a few invisible friends). So fun!

  3. This is a tribute to your parenting. 🙂 Sometimes I am sobered when I see Macy “disciplining” her stuffed friends(!)

  4. Becky this is the CUTEST story!! I love the one where she is talking to him about what happened. Too much!
    Congrats on a great blog and beautiful photographs.
    -Atieno (Thabo’s sister)

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