Our Week

Our week has looked mostly like this:

Just us two. Lots of whining, crying, restless sleeping, clinging, draping, and a few mama tears. These teeth. My lord….these last two teeth. Lya is miserable. And let me tell you, my girl is never taller/longer than when she’s tossing, turning and kicking diagonally in our bed at night. Every night this week. We are all tired. This is one of our hardest weeks so far. None of the other teeth came in quite like this.

But…daddy can make it all better. We met Nick in town last night and spent some time at a park before meeting friends for dinner. While she may want mommy for comfort–daddy does a great job at distracting Lya from her discomfort.

(This picture cracks me up…. “Ta Da!”)

In the end, we had a nice evening at the park before heading home for another rough night. It was just so nice to see her smile and hear her laugh.


7 thoughts on “Our Week

  1. Hang in there! Mickey’s back molars were so painful and he became such a nightmare I actually brought him to a dentist because it was freaking me out — and he isn’t my first kid! It will get better as quickly as it got bad. IN the meanwhile, find cold and/or hard things for her to chew on, try some Tylenol when it gets really bad, and remind yourself it really will pass.

  2. Oh Becky!

    How worn out…but I know what that is like for sure.

    Papa magic is something else, huh? Mommy’s get the workout đŸ˜‰

    Beautiful family pic.

  3. Becky! Oh, when will sweet sleep come home?? Come hooooooooooome sweet sweet sleep!!!! We all miss you!!! I hope those last two pesky teeth hurry up. Love the pictures!!

  4. Poor Lya and poor Mommy and Daddy!!! Hopefully the teething will be over very soon! Quinn hasn’t gotten any 2 year molars yet and I am NOT looking forward to it.

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