Wednesday’s What I’ve Been Working On

I have finally found some time to doing some sewing again. I  had left over squares from my last quilt top that I had decided to use in a second quilt. I finally got the top finished yesterday and I’m hoping to pick up some batting and backing tomorrow. I am planning to machine-quilt it and with any luck, maybe I’ll get started this weekend.

This month is quilting month and Sew, Mama, Sew! and my reader is full of starred posts highlighting ideas, tutorials, and information. I am feeling incredibly inspired and while I thought that the cooler temperatures were sending back to my machine last fall, I am finding that the brighter days, offering me more energy, do the same. Maybe I just like sewing and having the space and time to do it is inspiring whenever it happens.

I decided this morning that I’m going to start keeping a journal of my sewing ideas. I find they come to me mostly in times when I can not do a thing about it–whether rocking my baby to sleep, driving a car, taking a walk, or finishing up another project. I hope this journal will be a place to explore, create, and continually feed my creative energy.We’ll be gone for a large block of time again this summer–but this time I am going to take my sewing machine and fabric with me. I am expecting to have a day or so a week to myself and since making the decision to use some of that time for sewing, my mind is swimming in possibilities.

On another note, five copies of the book I contributed to this winter arrived on my doorstep today! It is exciting to see it in print and my friend, Susanna, and her mom did an excellent job with the book. It looks great. The book is called Saving The Seasons, and it will be available May 1st.

Yesterday I spent the day watching this little fellow out our kitchen window. With the arrival of spring, I’ve enjoyed watching the birds return. This was the first time I’ve seen a Red Breasted Grosbeak though. He hung out most of the day, but I haven’t seen him at all today. Luckily I took a few (ha!) pictures. He’s a beauty.


3 thoughts on “Wednesday’s What I’ve Been Working On

  1. Gorgeous! What a great idea to keep a journal. I have a little moleskin I jot stuff down in, stick pieces of fabric in, etc. Helpful. btw, are you still into some sort of scrap swap?

    The birdie is lovely 🙂 AND I’ve bookmarked the site for that book! Congrats!

  2. ooh! maybe my copies will arrive today too! 🙂 so excited! and keep showing pictures of what you’re working on. it’s inspiring for those of us who need a kick in the pants to get going on projects.

  3. Oh, I love what you’ve got going there!! I need more time for creativeness. The lack of it is sapping my soul. (I hope you understand what I mean by that…)


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