Family Sing-a-long

Nick just took Lya up to bed. Lya has been W.I.R.E.D. tonight. Just full of the sillies. So, before they went up, I suggested we maybe sing a calm song together.

Here was our song list:
(1) Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

(2) Dona Nobis (And yes, Lya sang the WHOLE thing–although Nick and I were laughing so hard, with tears streaming down my face, that I can’t say            the same for us.)

(3) Praise God from Who All Blessings Flow (Lya started out a bit slow b/c she decided she needed a “microphone” first, but she ended strong.)

(4) Itsy Bitsy Spider

(5) Powder Blue (by Renee and Jeremy)

Oh my word, it is so fun to sing together.  I knew she knew parts of each of these but she actually knows them all. While we were laughing so hard we couldn’t sing, she carried on and looked at us like we were crazy.


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