I am so disappointed…I forgot to take a picture yesterday! This is the first time I’ve forgotten and the annoying thing is that halfway through the day I thought about taking pictures and then decided not to worry about it b/c we planned to go enjoy the evening light in the flowers on the hill behind our house after Nick got home. BUT, by the time Nick made it home, the light was disappearing and I felt sick–so it never happened. It was one of the first things to cross my mind when I came downstairs today. I ran to my camera, scrolled through the photos to see if by chance I had taken some pictures and forgotten. No such luck. So, I keep on–I don’t plan to miss many more. 🙂


Weekly notes:

5/1: Lya loves the giant “swing” (aka hammock)–or really anything that swings.

5/3: Lya loves to play in the car these days–luckily it hasn’t been too hot so far and I’ve been able to say yes. This week she discovered that the Oh-$hit-Handle can be used as a hang bar for swinging.


3 thoughts on “18/52

  1. lovin’ the one of Lya in the yellow shirt with the piggy tails and you in the background…

    Thanks for your email!

    we would love to see you guys… let me know when you will be here…

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