Two and a half

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Lya age 2 1/2


Out of curiosity–what do you think of the slideshow vs. individual pictures?

I discovered the feature yesterday, but I’m curious what you think as the viewer.


5 thoughts on “Two and a half

  1. Wow – so many fabulous photos! LOVE the pigtails too.

    I’m a fan of the individual photos since I tend to like to analyze my favorite photos. But that’s the shutter bug in me…

  2. I like em anyway I can get em! Slide show is nice but I sometimes want to look longer than it allows me. unbelievably beautiful — Jack’s photos and these! So wish I could show them to grandma great! I can hear her fussing, even as she is in that liminal space between here and there . . . . !

  3. She is beautiful. I have not seen pictures of her in a long time. I would love to get your password and keep updated with you. I am so excited to have found your website. What a precious little girl!

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