This past weekend we visited Polyface Farms with some family and friends. It was an awesome farm and some of their goods are stewing in my crockpot at this moment. This picture, taken on our self-tour, is a good representation of how I feel lately. That’s 45 extra pounds that I carry around. While I’m not always walking, I am often being climbed all over. This stage of life.

Speaking of which…its 7pm and I am sitting at the computer with a glass of wine and listening to an inspiring lecture that I’ve been tuning in for during naps today. Lucas was asleep by 6:30 and Lya was ready to go to bed as soon as I walked out from laying him in the crib. I didn’t argue or tell her that it wasn’t even 7pm. I just went with it. Today was a LONG day with her and tomorrow is the first day of school. So, I am thinking this is probably a good thing. But, last time I stuck my head in, she was smiling into the mirror and “fixing her hair.”  Whatever. I am just going with the quiet end to the day.


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  1. I know the feeling….I have one at 25 lbs and one at 26 lbs climbing on me all day and sometimes both wanting to be carried at the same time. I didn’t realize how exhausting being a stay at home mom would be! Wow, what a surprise I had! But, totally worth it!

  2. so cool! I love what i’ve read about polyface. is it as cool as it sounds?? so good to see you last week. and here’s to the jungle-gym stage of mamahood. what is personal space?

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