Lya-isms (newly four)

A few conversations I don’t want to forget:

While “practicing” dance one day, Lya fell. I heard her mumble under her breathe, “I think I’m a ballerina. But I’m not a very good one.”

Upon suggesting that she change out of the princess get-up to be able to go outside with Nick, Lya responded, “I can’t just change like a chameleon!”

Last week one day I saw that Lya was dancing around as if she needed to pee.
So I asked, “Lya, do you need to go to the bathroom?”
Lya: “Yes.”
Me: “Alright, well why don’t you go. We would all be disappointed if you had an accident.” Lya: “Even Lucas?”
Me: “Maybe not Lucas. But you and me.”
Lya: “No. Just you.”
I think I know what our problem might be….

Lya: “I’d like a pet Aardvark.”
Me: “Okay. What will you do with an aardvark?”
Lya: “Live with it.”

On her way out the door today, Lya leaped from the stoop to the driveway, leaving her shoe behind. She went back, picked up the shoe, and climbed into the van.  As she turned around in her carseat, I saw her face light up, and she said, “Look before you leap!” I am not sure where she heard that phrase, but I am curious how long she’s been trying to figure out what it meant.

In a rest stop bathroom, Lya noted, “There’s a nice echo in here. Helloooo!”

On our drive home earlier this week, Lya was asking for something special. (Aka: snack) Since it was 4:30, I told her that we would stop for dinner soon and that she needed to wait. She responded (using a new guilt tactic), “I am not getting enough food!” In sharing this, my Mom told me of my brother using a similar tactic when he was about her age, “Your children will die if you don’t feed them!”

I love the four year old brain!


2 thoughts on “Lya-isms (newly four)

  1. Oh, I LOVE these! I’m trying to remember to record the cute things Lily says, too. 4 year olds are too smart, I’m not ready for that yet! 🙂

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