Lucas:366 | Wk16


A few funny things Lucas is doing lately that I don’t want to forget:

–When someone asks a question like, “Who wants to go outside?” or “Who’s hungry?” or “Who is handing out hugs?” Lucas raises his hand high and yells, “Me!”

–When Lucas wants something to eat or drink or has had something he particularly likes, he makes a slurping noise with a big smile. He also does this after he gives you a kiss.

–When you share a bite of something you are eating with Lucas, he closes his eyes tight for the duration of the bite and says “Mmm” as if he is truly savoring the bite. 

–Occasionally, when someone walks into the room, he’ll say, “Boo!”

–He is fake sneezing constantly and thinks it is hysterical. The sound (like many of the sounds he assigns to things) is  complex and crazy similar to the real thing.

–When talking about napping or sleeping, he’ll tip his head to the table, floor, or even just his shoulder and fake snore. 

–One night while I was rocking Lucas before bed he was having a hard time winding down. At one point he had had his head on my shoulder quietly for about five minutes or so and I thought I’d soon be able to lay him down for the night. Suddenly, he pulled back and looked at me. Then he said, “Dance?” and proceeded to do a little seated dance.

He’s a crack-up and always looking for ways to make us laugh! 



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