Lucas:366 | Wk17

I actually do still take pictures of Lya, too. 🙂 I have a whole folder full of images to sort and one day I’ll do a post of pictures of her again. This 366 project, paired with sharing it with Lucas’ birthmother, stays current, but everything else trickles down the to-do list with the rest of my hope-to-get-tos. I’ve also been taking some pictures of other people and events from time to time. Maybe they’ll make a show, as well.

We’re up early today. Nick is out of town for work (home later today) and so it was just me last night. I was thrilled to make it until 4am before having to get up and spend some time with Lucas. Too bad I didn’t sleep that whole time. I sleep so lightly when Nick is gone. Anyway, once I laid Lucas back in his crib, I thought for sure we’d make it to 7am. But, nope at 5:45 we had a WIDE awake little guy. Coffee is on, so I need to go grab a cup. I know this won’t-be-able-to-function feeling passes, but I usually have to get Lya to school before I notice that I’ll be able to make it. Luckily today I have some afternoon plans b/c that is the time of day I usually can’t keep my eyes open.

Happy May! (Can you even believe it?!)



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