Remembering: Lya’s “First” Bedroom

Throughout the last few months, I’ve been slowly (SLOWLY) sorting through all of my digital photographs from before October 2011 when I finally adopted a workflow that included discarding useless images as I go. It’s a bit pathetic how many many many files I’ve sorted through, but finally the end is in site.

Currently I am working my way through the 2011 weekly photos of L&L and today I came across a folder of pictures of Lya’s bedroom before Lucas moved in last summer. I quickly put together a little set so that I can always remember. I have found it most fascinating to look at the state of our home prior to our having two children. So much more space before. So many more things now. Yikes.

I now feel a bit motivated to do a set of their current room. I doubt they’ll always share a space and at the very least, it won’t be set up the way it has been this first year of rooming together.


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