Lucas:366 | Wk20

This blog has become incredibly boring. Every time I think I should post, I realize that I have a Lucas:366 collage and not much time. So, I go with that. Maybe someday I’ll get my feet back on the ground and post more often. Or maybe I’ll stop. I don’t know.

This week I followed along with CreativeLIVE’s speedlight101 workshop. Or rather, the first day between kids’ demands…. Never the less, I learned a few things and tried to force myself into flash more often than not this week. I understand way more than before, but have a lot of practice before I’m using it in a way that both meets my needs and appreciation consistently. Whether I use it much or not, I’d like to get there. Oh Photography, if only I had the time and money I’d like to invest in you!

Enjoy your Memorial Day Weekend!



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