Summer Camp


Last month I had the opportunity to get away for a few days by myself (!) to Pittsburgh. The trip was timed to visit during/after a friend’s second child’s arrival and had originally been planned as a family trip. As the date drew nearer, our schedule got a bit too full and the uncertainty of when a baby will arrive pushed us to having it be a solo trip for me. I have been wanting to have a few days away for years and between our schedules, the schedules of my friends, and life in general, it just never happened. Until it happened last minute. It really was a perfect time away for many reasons. 

One of the things that made this possible though was Lya’s school. In the summer they run a longer day of camp and extend the ages of participants. We took the plunge and let Lucas attend, as well, for a few days prior to my trip and then during the trip. This allowed Nick to get some work done at the office each day before pick up. 

Lucas loved being there. Lya loved having him there. Just the other day Lya asked, “When is he going to start coming to school with me again?” She’s ready. He thinks he is, too. 

I’m trying to make it through some of my summer flies from earlier this spring and summer. There may be a few late posts coming in the next couple weeks. 



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