A few things I wanted to share here…

I can not believe it is the end of February. I had such high hopes of a New Year’s post. I had high hopes of daily February posts. But alas, transition has left me much more in survival mode than routine. All is well. We just wait. We have a few ideas up our sleeve that could get us to Virginia in March. We’ll learn more about the one this week and if that is a no-go, then we’ll learn more about a second next week. Beyond that, we’ll search out other opportunities and wait some more. Aside from all of that though, there are a few things I wanted to get on the blog b/c I do hope to revive this little space someday once we’re settled. 

I chose not to do a 365project this year. Last year I was so happy to be back into it b/c I felt it was such a good thing. However, by the time 2013 rolled in, I was thrilled to not pick up my camera for the first 8 days. What I decided on was these three meager goals:

(1) A monthly family-of-4 picture. Here is January:



(2) A daily picture of Lya throughout February, her birthday month.

(3) A daily picture of Lucas throughout December, his birthday month.

In 2010 my project was a daily picture of Lya. In 2012, I did the same with Lucas. I am so happy to have a full year of each as toddlers, but as they get older, busier, and we actually spend a bit of time apart every now and then, that feels unrealistic. I do love to see how they change though, so I decided that from here out I’ll do a monthly daily-photo project for each as they turn a year older. When I decided on this, I thought I’ll post daily! Ha. Then I thought, I can do a weekly post that includes a week of pictures. Ha. Now I’m just hoping for sometime in March. 

A few weeks ago I read this article. I keep thinking of it every few days. My hope has been that we’ll find a house within walking distance of an elementary school. This article just confirms that desire and truly I think it would be so good for all three of us (Lucas and I walking with Lya to school) to start our day this way. Now, to just find a house…. 😉



2 thoughts on “A few things I wanted to share here…

  1. I love your family picture:)

    Sorry I didn’t get back to you in December. Too bad we weren’t able to connect. I would have loved to have met your children. One of these days, right? I think about you often and hope the transitions work out for the best.

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