This morning Nick took the kids to a reptile show, leaving me with (at least) three glorious hours all to myself. It has been nice to have time to dive into some photography. It has literally been months since this was a fun space for me. On top of not having a regular editing routine these weeks, my camera needs to be sent in for some maintenance b/c something is really off with the AF system. Photography has often been frustrating at best lately. I’m hoping with the arrival of spring, all of these happy spaces open up again for me.

I’ve been enjoying sorting through some of my February pictures. And while I made some headway in culling my Lya in February project, I stil don’t have anything to post from that. I hope to work on it after finishing up a few other sets for other people. However, I do have some pics of the littles from those that I shared with Lucas’ birthmother this morning.


Mar8th2013-12Mar8th2013-9Mar8th2013-5 Mar8th2013-4Mar8th2013-2Mar8th2013-3Mar8th2013-14In other just-in-time-for-spring news, we are under-contract on a home in VA. We hope to make a move next month and there are moments I feel I might burst in giddy anticipation. Literally. Butteflies in my stomach and all. The house needs a lot (!!!) of work, but there are just a few key things that we found in this home that we were not seeing anywhere else that pushed us both to go the route of home-renovation instead of move-in-ready. We’ll move in, but its going to a be a work of love for at least the next year. We’re both trying to live into the idea that it doesn’t need to be perfect or finished for any reason anytime soon and our personal stress and sanity does not need to be tried in favor of a timeline. We’ll see how that goes….


3 thoughts on “February

  1. Your photos are so beautiful, I hope you’re able to spend more time with your camera this spring! Although it sounds like you’ll be quite busy working on your new house!! So exciting! Congratulations on the big move, and good luck!

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