Moved in!

Just under two weeks ago we finally made the move into our new house. I honestly have no idea where to start in documenting the details of life lately.

ImageThe window sills above my sink.

There are so many things I love about this new house. And many of them are probably more accurately things I love about what we plan to do with this house. In house-hunting, we went back and forth on whether we wanted a house that needed nothing or whether we didn’t quite have the fixer-upper bug out of our system. In the first two homes we owned we changed nearly every space and surface. Knowing that, we decided to up-the-anty and really tackle a project. I’m so glad we’ve taken this leap. This house feels really right and I don’t have an awareness of any eventual end, although there very well may be one. However, moving in with a trillion to-dos feels much less daunting when it isn’t accompanied by an exit plan. We’ll get to it when we can. Well, other than the structural issues…we’ll get to those sooner than later.

I hope to start documenting some of our before-and-afters here. Its going to be a busy summer!


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