2013_June-8Since I last wrote, we had a family renunion, a family wedding, two illnesses come through the house, a little boy who decided to start using the potty, and I turned 35. It has been an exhausting and exciting run with some nice moments of relaxation and some full-blown frustration thrown in.

Over the last two months, since buying the house, we have gone rounds on the plans for our kitchen renovation. For a fairly large space, the three-to-four doors really chopped up many of our ideas. We’ve gone back and forth on which doors to close and which walls to open…over and over again. Last Sunday I really wasn’t sure we would reach any plan we actually felt good about. However, Monday morning during our commuter call, a small detail popped into my mind that turned out to be the lynch pin to our planning. From there we were both flooded with ideas and in thirty minutes we were on board with a larger plan. THAT had not had not happened in any other conversation so I knew we were onto something good. In the last week, we came up with a rough sketch using the Ikea software and this weekend we have had four meetings with cabinet builders. Our plan is to start work mid-July. It has been so fun having this project turn from frustration to excitement in the last week. So, with that, I thought that I should share a few of the before pictures of the kitchen.

212-1 212-2

There is so much yellow, gold, brown, and paneling in the parts of the house we’re renovating this summer. I can hardly wrap my head around what this all will feel like by mid-August. I imagine this clean and peaceful space. And yet, I feel that thought should be followed by a big “HA!” because I do have two young kids at home. I’m trying to curb my expectations a bit.

Speaking of yellow, gold, brown and paneling…here are a few other before/after shots of the spaces we tackled right away.


Below is our master bedroom and bathroom. We still need to get some new doors and finish the trim, but we did this much before moving in so that we had a good start on it all.

20130517-Grattan_BA-MasterBath 20130517-Grattan_BA-MasterBathVanity

20130517-Grattan_BA-MasterBed 20130517-Grattan_BA-MasterClosetWall

Last week we got a garden cottage shed for the backyard. It is a big improvement over the falling down rubber-made shed and an old storage trailer that we used for the first six weeks. It was a happy-birthday-to-me to see those two things go last Sunday! I’ll take some backyard pictures at some point and share those, too. I really love the color (Clay) of the shed and think that we’ll possibly build our house exterior color pallet using that for the brick. Just one more decision that needs to be finalized by mid-July when the front exterior work will begin, as well.

We certainly do not run out of decisions to make right now. Maybe the clean and peaceful feeling I imagine for the house is as much about having a break from the non-stop planning we are doing right now. I find myself feeling excited for summer and also eager to be on the other side. I want to remember though that there are so many good things to come over the next few months. And while a few are house related, there are many more things to slow down for and enjoy.


2 thoughts on “June

  1. I just LOVE before & after photos of house projects! It’s amazing what a fresh coat of (non gold or brown) paint will do. I bet your house is already feeling more serene with the updated bathrooms. Good luck this summer on the house projects. I look forward to seeing more! I think I owe you an email about our old tudor house & the color. Will send shortly … 🙂

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