Daily Photos: July 6-10

2013 Daily Photo_July-6a 2013 Daily Photo_July-6b

July 6: Quick snaps of life around the house as the work continues…day 2 of wall building in the basement.

2013 Daily Photo_July-7a 2013 Daily Photo_July-7b 2013 Daily Photo_July-7cJuly 7: The kids and I went out to Adam and Sarah’s to see the newly hatched (and hatching!) chicks. Lucas also discovered Adam’s drumset.

2013 Daily Photo_July-8July 8: Apple stacks. Most of our meals are happening on the side porch these days since our electricity is wonky and the diningroom is dark. The electricians came to figure it all out today…no solution. They’ll wait until two weeks until the kitchen renovation is underway and access all the wiring then.

2013 Daily Photo_July-9July 9: The fern I got when we divided my grandmother’s things. My mom has been helping it grow these last months and now that it is with me again, I hope it continues to thrive.

2013 Daily Photo_July-10July 10: Lya. This girl can look at books for hours. She is eager to learn to read so that she can continue at night after I am done.







One thought on “Daily Photos: July 6-10

  1. What a great series of photos! It was the perfect way to start my morning (with coffee at my side) Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous.) But bummer about the power cord situation. 😦

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